Hampton Pirates 

The Boosters Club – Who we are and what we do!!!

The Hampton University Boosters Club (HUB) was started from a discussion of how to raise fan support at athletic events in 1970. It has grown to over 400 strong supporters and the original intent is codified in its purpose; to generate interest in and financial support of Hampton University varsity sports. Today the HUB is an affiliated organization under the National Hampton Alumni Association, Inc. It is through this relationship that we derive our tax-free status. The HUB has all the rights and privileges of alumni chapters under the NHAA, Inc. The HUB not only gives money, but the biggest contribution is being at the games to show the student athletes that we care and that we support them. Through the sunshine and rain, through the heat and cold, through long bus rides, through the agony of defeat and the thrill of victory, we support our athletes. WE are the sixth person, or the twelfth man. We are the familiar faces in the stands at home and at away games. We are the encouraging voices exhorting our school spirit. It was the Hub that coined the phrase, “Move the Chains” in the early 90’s.

 The financial support is through donations, raffles and HUB memberships. The Legacy Challenge is donations from graduates who donate one dollar for each year since leaving HU. The entire amount collected goes to the Athletics Department. The memberships provide the largest donations. Every dollar of membership fees except the cost of tickets go to supporting the University athletics programs-all sports. The cost of each member’s tickets is subtracted from the membership fee and the remaining funds are donated to the Athletics Department. So, 100% of the membership fee ultimately goes to the University or Athletics Department. We do not keep any of those funds! The University issues a statement to our members showing the amount each member has donated for that year. This amount is a tax exemption. Additionally, it is credited as alumni giving for each member’s graduating class.

 Our membership fees are set at five (5) levels (CLASSES) and are for football only, basketball only or both. The fees have been the same for years, making them among the best deals around... Currently, all levels except CLASS A have tickets associated with the fees. We send the new HUB applications to returning members and perspective members in February. The applications are due back to HUB NLT June 30-the end of the current fiscal year. When football tickets are printed, we mail them in August. The basketball tickets are mailed later in the year because those games normally start in December.

 The HUB sponsors bus trips to away games to support football and basketball teams. A list of all trips is published just prior to each season. The costs are more than competitive with any other such trips. While members are the target audience, anyone can reserve a seat on the bus. Very often, the HUB coordinates with HU Alumni chapters for tailgates at away games. This makes the trip even more special.

 The HUB gives memorabilia and other sports related items to members as incentives to join and support the student athlete. These help identify Boosters wherever they go. Other distinctive items can be purchased when members desire them. The HUB also has a tailgate before each home game. Twice each football season we have a big tailgate; before the “Alumni Day” game and before the Homecoming game. These are free and have great menus. We also publish a HUB Newsletter four (4) times a year and distribute them to members. We keep members informed of sports activities and athletic happenings. We cover ALL sports in the newsletters. Additionally, we provide each member a membership card for the fiscal year to identify them as members in good standing.

 The HUB meets each month on the second Tuesday except June and July. The meetings are held by the Executive Committee to conduct the affairs of HUB. Various coaches and members of the Athletics Department are invited to address the members in the meetings, which are open to all members.

  In summary, the HU Boosters Club exists to support the athletics programs of the University. We do this through financial and 

 fan support. Anyone can join and have a good time as they support the student athletes.