Hampton Pirates 

 President's Letter

December 2018

As the HU Boosters begin to close out 2018 and look forward to the upcoming New Year, our ‘Home by the Sea’ student Athletes had some great success on the fields and courts.  They also had some unsuccessful times.  Hopefully, the great times will continue in the New Year.

 I have stated before that changes will occur and they will not be    accepted by some.  We have       witnessed some changes and it had an effect on our membership for 2018-2019 school year.  The Boosters membership for 2018-2019 is at an all-time low.   With the decrease in membership, there will be adecrease in donations to the student athletes this year.

 I would like to take this time to ‘thank’ the loyal, dedicated    Boosters for continuing to support our student athletes.

 I challenge all Boosters to help    reclaim old members and recruit new members for 2019-2020.  Let us all do our best to help ourstudent athletes, that’s whatBoosters do.

 Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Joe Lewis, HUB President